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Found Poem Proposal Activity


From journal 10/24:

From E's presentation re: dissertations in ABR.  The activity was what form will you take for one aspect of your paper.  I decided to do a found poem of my proposals as a way to prove/give support for why we use ABR.  It turned out to be less of a poem and more of a ultra intense reduction to the absolute bare-bones necessities of the project but I am thankful for the realization it gave me of what really is the core of the research.  This could be useful for other assignments, and other projects, too.  I also like the kind of "redacted, confidential" vibe this gets now.  This could seem negative, but I think it adds mystique to the proposal.  I wonder what it would look like to turn the non-utilized sections blank, leaving only the words here.  This would also create a different feel.  Possibly something to do and reflect on.  Maybe include this in final paper.

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