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After completing a Bachelor's in Creative Writing (Poetry) and French at the University of Arizona, I taught English abroad in Bernay, Upper Normandy, France and fell in love with teaching languages.  I returned to the University of Arizona for a Master's in English as a Second Language and began focusing on the arts in second language acquisition.  After finishing a semester early, I taught French in Minnesota at a French language immersion camp and then moved to Debrecen, Hungary to teach English at a university language exam center, followed by working at an outdoor language center in Whitianga, New Zealand, working with internationals in a unique immersion program that also provided opportunities for learning by doing while taking part in activities such as horseback riding, surfing, hiking, and environmental studies in the Kiwi bush.  Following this experience, I once again made my way back to my home state to begin my doctoral studies in the interdisciplinary Second Language Acquisition & Teaching program at the University of Arizona.  To continue learning about my work as a scholar and teacher, other pages on this website provide up to date information on the projects I'm doing here and scholarly publications as well as creative publications and artistic work.

Teaching French in Minnesota at Lac du Bois, Concordia Language Villages

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