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More videos of covers, performances from the streets, and original songs can be found on my YouTube Channel


This master list is updated as I learn new songs.  If you catch me on the streets, are watching me sing at a concert or doing a live concert online, feel free to request any of them and I will play them for you.













My debut album "Drifter" is 13 original songs spanning multiple genres (Folk / Americana / Indie Pop / Country)

released September 9th, 2020.  Listen to some highlights below! 





Drifter 3000.png

 "Transatlanticism" cover performed in Debrecen, Hungary           An original song "Roots" about my life as a traveler.

     "Seven Years" is a lovely ballad by Norah Jones                   "Squealing Pigs" cover performed in Helsinki, Finland

       Performing with Nicki Park and Yannsel Nava                         Singing and playing guitar, bass, and drums

                                                                                                                   for this popular Hungarian rock song

Photos from my Instagram @Buskabond

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