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A/r/tography Reflection Activity


Text in the margins:

From K's class activity. A/r/tography reflection on what I learned through the process of describing an object which is important to me and the connection it has to myself as artist, researcher, and teacher.  

Text in the margins:

My notes during the exercise.  I definitely feel this taught me about my need for control & perfection with research, maybe because I want it to be "professional" and "publishable" since this will add to my desirability later (I can already feel the "Publish or perish" pressure") [<-- fun 'p' alliteration] and I imagine that professional means perfect, a myth my heart tells me many of my profs would be happy to confirm as a myth.  Look at the concessions in the Irwin & O'Donaghue [2012] piece even.  Also, I think that

From page 16 of my research journal -- notes on Shipe (2015)

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