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Art Installation #3




Art Installation #3 was 11 poems chalked out around University of Arizona campus over the course of 4 hours Sunday night 11/5/17.  Butcher paper was affixed next to each of the poems with the words "Thoughts? Write them here" and in the corner @UofACreates and the hashtag symbol.  The following day I documented the responses written on butcher paper and removed the paper and erased the poems 24 hours after installing.

"Getting it Right" by Jack Gilbert

Near Poetry Center main entrance

"9" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Mountain-Speedway Underpass 

from "Eudalia and Plato" by Robert Bly

College of Law Building patio

"To See if Something Comes Next" by Jack Gilbert

Near Tornabene Theater Box Office

Poetry Center Response

Law Building Response

Installing poem "#9" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Mountain underpass
Installing poem "Eudalia and Plato" by Robert Bly, Law Building
My dog disrupting my documentation of "Espresso" by Trans Tranströmer near McLelland Hall

"The Doe" by C.K. Williams

Harvill floor 2 near SLAT Offices

Tornabene Response

from "Become A Lover" by Hafez (trans. Robert Bly)

Modern Languages near stairway entrance

Modern Languages Response

Rec Center Response

"A Sensible Fellow" by Charles Bukowski

In front of Rec Center, next to crosswalk of Mountain & 6th

"I'll Be Your Baby Doll, I'll Be Your Seven Day Fool" 

by Mike Doughty

Park Student Union near Daily Wildcat Offices

"In Dispraise of Poetry" by Jack Gilbert

Near Learning Services Building elevator

Learning Services Building Response

"The Days" by Jon Anderson

Koffler Building walkway behind arch

Koffler Building Response

"Espresso" by Trans Tranströmer

Near McLelland Hall Coffee Cart

Remnants of the title of the Mike Doughty poem, erased

Lawrence Ferlinghetti location erased except for blue chalk arrow where butcher paper went (bottom left)

Other chalk writing ("Free food") left untouched to be walked on only a few steps away from Espresso poem which was attempted to be erased by facilities management of McLelland Hall

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