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Final Project Final Update


The last written account of the research.


Some of these have been included as part of the story during the installation page (for example numbers 6, 8, 9)  but others have not been mentioned at all until this update.  For this reason, I thought it best to show these last pages in their entirety, instead of cut up to tell the story.  

This is a quick revision of which art installation comprises  so that the numbers here make sense:

1. Typewriter story at the Poetry Center

2. Food art on paper plates

3. Chalk poetry around campus

4. Create a stage and have students make scenes with random objects

5. Play music and have students dance

6. Student creativity journal 

7. Write secrets and bury or burn them

8. Professors making office art

9. Students photographing work in Study Room A330

10. Whiteboard writing from upside down view

11. Creativity on whiteboards in the Main Library

12. Found poems around campus

13. Spine poems at campus libraries

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