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The Leftovers


Left over supplies: 

Large posterboard, attractive bag for supplies, markers, flashcards, sticky notes (general supplies)

Paper plates (installation 2) 

Two glass bottles for burying as time-capsule, one large bowl for burning secrets (installation 7)

Thank you cards (original number 8 installation idea but scratched out on planning page & replaced)

Folding chair for sitting with installations

Unused Art Installation 4 supplies which spent over a month in the trunk of my car without me remembering:

Pool noodle, American Flag, pink hat, woven basket, picture frame, sunglasses, plastic pumpkin with glued-on googly eyes, candlestick, reindeer antlers band, creepy talking doll, concrete brick with Christmas wrappings and acorn+berry decorations, fake flowers, crown of branches, belt

Oven mitt actual purchase for my house that I forgot I had bought since it was in the bags along with these knick knacks. 

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